Manifa en contra de Google

About 20 people from Students for a Free Tibet, including Joshua Duncan, right, of Oakland, Calif., gather in front of Google Inc., Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2006, in Mountain View, Calif., to protest the company’s argeement to censor their Internet search engine results in China. The group has chapters at the Stanford and UC-Berkeley campuses. (AP Photo/Dino Vournas)

Google, which has as its motto “Don’t Be Evil,” says the new site ( aims to make its search engine more accessible in China, thereby expanding access to information.

Jóvenes de Students for Free Tibet frente a las oficinas de Google en Mountain View para protestar por la censura del buscador en China. (vía)

Más info e imágenes en el weblog Tibet Will Be Free. (vía)

Actualización 2:
– Two searches for “tiananmen square” on :

and (China) vía tunaspecial (vía) :

Sites Google Agreed to Censor in China
Google Removes Its Help Entry on Censorship

Official Google Blog Responds to Censorship Debate
How Much Did Google Agree to Censor?

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